Overheated //open rp

Merida groaned, fanning herself with her hand. One of the curses that came with being the guardian of summer is the constant intense heat. Today just so happened to be one of those days. Her body temperature was twice her normal heat. Red hair wetted down with her sweat, god it was miserable. She had already put on her light weight dress but it still wasn’t enough. The worst thing was, the heat was beginning to make her dizzy and disoriented.

Combined with the sweating, Merida was becoming dehydrated fast. If she didn’t cool off soon, things weren’t looking good. This had happened a few times before but never this severe. The thing that scared her the most was that there was absolutely no one around to help if things got worse.

She stumbles to her feet and took a few wobbly steps. Her world began spinning and shifting around, sending her reeling. Before she could take another step her weakened legs collapsed out from under her. Things were getting blurry and hazy. In a last ditch effort, Merida tried to claw her way to what sort of looked like a tree, hoping it might bear some shade. When the cool shade was just an arms length away her body finally gave up and she fell unconscious.